Cat Ninja (by Zirocco Blue) second in Grand Prix, Harvester (by Dakar) seventh in National Grand Prix in Wellington

WELLINGTON - Cat Ninja (by Zirocco Blue x Corland) and Jacqueline Steffens (CAN) have achieved a nice second place in the Grand Prix of Wellington. Firefly (by Wittinger x Corland) and Sergio Nieto del Rio (MEX) finished eighth.
In the $ 50,000,- 1.50m National Grand Prix over 1.50m, Harvester (by Dakar x Indorado) finished seventh under Erynn Ballard (CAN).
The Grand Prix over 1.60m also resulted in seventh place for Dsarie (by Veron x Ahorn), ridden by Beat Mändli (SUI).

Cat Ninja is experiencing an extremely successful competition season in the USA. For example, the mare under Steffens recently finished sixth in the Grand Prix of Columbus - Johnstown. In an earlier Grand Prix competition in Wellington, the combination finished eighth. We also regularly saw the Cat Ninja at the top of the results in 1.45m competitions in Wellington. Last year, the now thirteen-year-old mare was successfully shown at Jumping Amsterdam by the American rider Andrew Kocher.

Other good results from offspring of VDL stallions in Wellington last week:

1.35m  3  Happiness (Zirocco Blue x Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve) Caelinn Leahy (USA)
1.45m  9 Delia B (Cantos x Voltaire) Dominic Gibbs (USA)
1.45m  3 Flying Dutchman (Quasimodo v/d Molendreef x Burggraaf) Victoria Heurtematte (MEX)
1.45m  5 HH Earley (Harley x Indorado) Joanna Wolffer (USA)
1.30m  3 Di Vadine (Corland x Chin Chin) Diego Loria (CRC)
1.40m  4 Dundalk (Douglas x Horace) Mark Leone (USA)
1.30m  3 Epeios (Indoctro x Heartbreaker) Lauren MCCaulley (ESP)
1.30m  5 Ferdita (Cardento x Nimmerdor) Ana Cristina Rodriquez (GUA)
1.40m  3 Hollerno (Baltic x Ahorn) Peter Lutz (USA)
1.40m  5 Indoktro K v.'t Kattenheye (Indoctro x Kannan) Susan Griffis (USA)
1.30m  5 Harley David (Harley x Randel Z) Julia Hasler (USA)
1.40m  4 Gilette B (Glasgow v.h. Merelsnest x Ahorn) Madison Rauschenbach (USA)
1.40m  7 Delia B (Cantos x Voltaire) Dominic Gibbs (USA)
1.30m  2 Manhattan (Cardento x Indoctro)  Natalie Jayne (USA)
1.30m  8 Jamiroqai (Arezzo x Quality Time TN) Dakota Champey (USA)
1.45m  2 Idara (Baltic x Corland) Martin Fuchs (SUI)
1.45m  5 Harvester (Dakar x Indorado) Erynn Ballard (CAN)
1.45m  6 Cedric (Indoctro x Cantos) Cara Raether Carey (USA)
1.35m  1 Gideon (Arezzo x Matterhorn) Laura Chapot (USA)
1.35m  6 Igor K (v. Cardento x Gran Corrado)  Ellicia Edgar (CAN) ​
1.40m  6 Ivaludine S (Dallas x Indoctro) Tina Yates (USA)
1.40m  7 Jasmijn van de Renthoeve (Douglas x Baloubet du Rouet) Alex Matz (USA)
1.30m  1 Bradley (Emilion x Tangelo v/d Zuuthoeve) Sarah Sturges (USA)
1.30m  4 Corlabella EDM Z (Corland x Parco) Chelsea Moss (USA)
1.40m  7 HH Earley (Harley x Indorado) Joanna Wolffer (USA)
1.40m  8 Flying Dutchman (Quasimodo v/d Molendreef x Burggraaf)  Victoria Heurtematte (MEX)
1.40m  9 Eracantos (Cantos x Kroongraaf) Mark Bluman (COL)
1.55m  2 Kilkenny (Cardento x Guidam) Cian O'Connor (IRL)
1.55m  9 Gaesbekers Glamour Girl (Zirocco Blue x Caletto I) Henrik von Eckermann (SWE) 
1.40m  2 Idara (Baltic x Corland) Martin Fuchs (SUI)
1.40m  8 Fabrice DN (Emilion x Baloubet du Rouet) Nicolas Pizarro (MEX)


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Harvester (by Dakar)

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