Goldenstar (by Bacardi VDL) 3rd RWC Grand Prix Luttenberg

In the 1.45m Roelofsen Horsetrucks Winter Classics Grand Prix took Alex Gill with our mare Goldenstar (Bacardi VDL x Ipsylon B) the 3rd place at Luttenberg.

Sjack Meulenman created a high-quality course and jump off, 17 out of 57 combinations were placed for the jump off. Alex Gill finished in 30.75 seconds with Goldenstar (Bacardi VDL x Ipsylon B).

Also Cohinoor VDL (by Cornet Obelensky) performed fantastic with our rider James Billington during the RWC. They became 5th in the 1.40m 2-phase class, out of 70 combinations, in a time of 35.56 seconds.

Linked horses

Goldenstar (Bacardi VDL x Ipsylon B)

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