Young VDL offspring succesfull in Spain

Several young offspring of VDL stallions were placed in competitions for young showjumpers, during CSI Vejer de la Frontera in Spain.
On the first day for 5-year old showjumpers the following offspring were placed: Janeiro (Arezzo x Arizona) and Max Routledge, Orchis vd Donkhoeve (Carrera x Dulf vd Bisschop) and Leonie Aitkenhead and Jordi-Zavall (Zavall x Chin Chin) en David McPherson. 
In the other competitions for 5-year old there were placings for:
  • 5e and 10e: Intense Royal Z (Inshallah de Muze x Quantum) and Leonie Aitkenhead
  • 6e: Orchis vd Donkhoeve (Carrera x Dulf vd Bisschop) and Leonie Aitkenhead
  • 7e: Jordi-Zavall (Zavall x Chin Chin) and David McPherson. 
During the first competitions for 6-year old there were placings for: Itamorkus (Zavall x Matterhorn) and Spencer Roe, Carcorde M&M (Cardento x Concorde) and Sofia Fast en I Mose VLS (v. Harley) and Isheea Wong.
Hero (Glasgow vt Merelsnest x Voltaire) and Jens Wickström was placed twice in the competitions for 7-year old showjumpers. They were placed as 3rd en as 5th. Also Impossible II Z (Inshallah de Muze x Concorde) was placed in this competition as 9th. He is ridden by Jay Halim.
Not only in the competitions for young showjumpers, but also in the other competition there were great results. Djoost Again (Cantos x Joost) was placed 2nd in a 1.50m competition with rider Eric van der Vleuten and Estella (Cardento x Odermus R) was placed as 5th in a 1.50m competition with rider Angelie von Essen.
  • 6th in 1.45m: Desperado (Cardento x Lord Z) and Nicolas Toro Linares
  • 10th in 1.45m: Chief Tibri Z MFS (Corland x Berlin) and Pedro Junqueira Muylaert
  • 2nd in 1.40m: Farianne (Indoctro x Corland) and Richard Howley
  • 7th in 1.40m: Artist vh Marienshof Z (Arezzo x Namelus) and Jerome Guery
  • 1st en 5e in 1.35m: Dexter (Wittinger x Heartbreaker) and Charlie Jones
  • 2nd and 7th in 1.35m: Fusion (Corland x Indorado) and Juan Pablo Garriz
  • 4th in 1.35m: Constable II (Harley x Lupicor) and Juli Welles
  • 10th in 1.35m: Bugatti X (Bugatti x Chin Chin) and Kerry MC Cahill
  • 5th in 1.30m: Decantos vd Vrendt (Cantos x Lux) and Irene Santens
  • 5th in 1.30m: Flinstering du Monden (Cardento x Indoctro) and Elizabeth Rose Lutener
  • 4th  and 10th in 1.30m: First Lady (Zavall x Karandasj) and Lola Madrenas
  • 9th in 1.30m: Feliano B (Zirocco Blue x Karandasj) and Camilla Bingham
  • 5th ,  7th and 10th in 1.10m: Decantos vd Vrendt (Cantos x Lux) and Irene Santjens
  • 5th and 6th in 1.10m: Jorki (Cardento x Chin Chin) and Nicola Baily Gibson

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Carrera VDL

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